Day 13: A Character You Are Like

Gah, so personal once again. A character you are like. So difficult too. It feels a lot like narcissism. I thought about this I guess it might sound a little narcissistic considering how awesome the character is.

I would associate myself most with Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games. Ok, now the ‘why’. No, I am not awesome at archery (in fact last time I checked I hated it), I’m not a rebel symbol against society, and I’m not likely to be winning any tournaments to the death any time soon.

What struck me most about Katniss was her will to survive no matter what and that’s what I could relate most to. She does everything she can to survive; including convincing herself that Peeta is her enemy so that she could kill him when the time came. She doesn’t give up no matter how much the odds are not in her favour.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]learly my survival instinct has not been tested to the length that Katniss’ has, but when it comes down to something I want or need I will find a way to make it possible or make one if a way doesn’t exist. Jeez, don’t I sound cut-throat?

I loved Katniss’ character just because of her determination and she was strong willed in a way that is hard to find in literature, forget about teen literature. If I am not like Katniss she is at least a role model that I would happily strive to imitate.

And hey, if she comes with a Peeta, who wouldn’t want to be her?

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I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Film, Women Studies, and Religion and Culture. I adore fantasy and sci-fi, especially when it comes to the YA section, but that doesn't mean I don't read anything else. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, biking, taking my dog for long walks or watching anime.

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