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Tamlin to Tool (spoilers below)

First of all: fucking Tamlin. I love looking at the story from Tamlin’s unreliable perspective. In Tamlin’s mind he and Feyre are so in love and then evil Rhysand comes in and steals her away for a week every month. Feyre is dying inside for him to break the pact. In his mind Rhysand forced her to write the note saying I’m not coming back, don’t look for me. So Tamlin swallowed his pride and made a deal with the devil to save his one true love from evil Rhys.  

But he is so blind. He doesn’t look deeper than the surface of things. Tamlin doesn’t see the part where Feyre was completely suffocated by him and was wasting away. He missed all the physical signs of how depressed she was. He’s so wrapped up in himself that Feyre is just a placeholder for some happy life. He’s so wrapped up in himself that he sells the world to the greatest evil they’ve ever faced. Tamlin the Tool is the perfect nickname for him. He is now guild leader of the Tools. King of the Tools. I am going to ally with Hybern to get my ex-girlfriend back. This couldn’t backfire at all. Doi.

I wonder if things would have turned out differently if instead of writing a note Feyre had gone to see him to tell him it’s over. Probably not. Tamlin would have probably just assumed that Rhysand made her do it and that inside she’s desperately pleading for him save her. It might not have made a difference but it would have been so satisfying for her to tell him to his face to suck it. Asshole.

The Power Couple

The best thing about this book is Feyre’s relationship with Rhysand. Their relationship is front and center of this book. You might have missed it, but after the first 100 pages or so they are never apart. They can never go more than two or three pages without each other. I couldn’t stop myself from speeding through the pages where they weren’t together because I just couldn’t get enough.

And that sexual tension. Oh. Hot. Damn.

SJM knows how to build the tension until it snowballs into an avalanche. Did anyone else spend most of the book yelling “Just do it already!”? I don’t know how the other characters could stand to be around them without telling them to get a room. And they’re mated, which sounds like gross gross forever love but considering that you can easily end up hating the guts of your mate it’s not so bad.

It’s supposed to be rare but did anyone else notice how many mated couples there are? Both Tamlin and Rhys’ parents, Feyre and Rhys, Lucien and his first love, Lucien and Elain, possibly Cassien and Nesta. It might not be as rare as people think. What are the odds of Tamlin becoming someone’s mate? Can you imagine that conversation?

Tamlin: Feyre, I’m so, so sorry but we can’t be together.

Feyre: Because you’re not my mate and I hate you?

Tamlin: Considering all we’ve been through together, I know this news will be hard for you to bear.

Tamlin: I found my mate and it isn’t you.


Tamlin: I know you think I’m your true love but you’ll eventually get over me. But don’t worry, I’ll still protect you, and one day you’ll love again.


Feyre: Please die.

That Ending

How dumb was their plan to take the cauldron? I just sat there going you’re plan is waaay to easy. This is definitely a trap. There is the cauldron and yup… there is it is… there is the trap. Really guys? It was probably the weakest part of the book, and I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. Feyre is talking about breaking spells and secretly signaling and then she breaks a spell for only a moment and I couldn’t follow it. But I am excited about the outcome. 1. Her sisters becoming fairies is going to be a fun bag of cats thrown into the mix. 2. Feyre becoming an infiltrator…

I. Cannot. Wait. I want her to rip through Ianthe and Tamlin like a hot knife through butter. I want her to play Tamlin like a fiddle. I want her to destroy them. If I could snarl I would. And poor Lucien just sitting there like “I can do nothing to stop this trainwreck”. YAAAS. Dance puppets.  I can just imagine the look she gives Lucien over her shoulder as Tamlin leads her in the house. Something like: I’m going to burn everything you love.

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