The Hunger Games

2015 Teen Fiction Movies

Less than last year, but it looks like they are going to be top notch teen fiction movies! (Wot wot) It looks like they finally figured out how to adapt the pseudo-genre right! Teen fiction adaptation...

Top 5 Wednesday: Zombie Survival Dream Team

Sometimes my job can be pretty dull. I find myself sitting at my desk brainstorming video ideas or spending hours mindlessly browsing through the internet. Today's Top Five Wednesday list is a reflect...

Catching Fire

My quick thoughts on the new Catching Fire film.

The Hunger Games is Catching Fire

[youtube] My reaction after coming back from the Catching Fire. I was so excited, and here is why!

New Catching Fire Trailer

Get pumped for the new trailer for the second Hunger Games movie. The stakes are raised as the game gets deadlier! I for one can’t wait for November!

DOTA Adventures: The Hunger Games

[youtube] The premiere everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! Chelsey and Alexandra discuss their experience at t...

Day 13: A Character You Are Like

Gah, so personal once again. A character you are like. So difficult too. It feels a lot like narcissism. I thought about this I guess it might sound a little narcissistic considering how awesome the c...

Day 6: Favorite Young Adult Book

If you have not read it already, I urge you, for the sake of your sanity, don’t read it. I don’t think that I had a favourite young adult book in a very long time. Whatever it used to be, I’d forgotte...

30 Day Book Challenge – Day One: Best Book You Read Last Year

A new website calls for a new 30 Day Book Challenge. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to complete it. So I’ve scrapped everything have already done and have picked up a new list of questio...

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