Game of Thrones Trailer: The Final Season

Well here we go. One more time round in Westeros. I'm surprised that this trailer wasn't cut to Let the Bodies Hit the Floor. Because we know that that's exactly what's going to happen.

New YouTube Partnership Policy Detrimental to Small Channels

I am sure you heard YouTube is dumping all of its small channel YouTube Partners. Anyone who does not have 1000 subscribers or get 4000 watch minutes a year are being kicked out of the YouTube Partner...

Top 5 Wednesday: Never Going to Read Ever

Top Five Wednesday is a book tag started by GingerReadsLainey. Join the goodreads group to get each week’s topic and participate yourselves! So, it turns out we did this topic before. Check out our...

Top 5 Wednesday: Books We Are Still Waiting For

This week on Top Five Wednesday, Chelsey and Alexandra talk about the Top Five Books They Are Still Waiting For. So we did kind of mess up the topic

Vlog of Thrones #6.3: Oathbreaker

WELCOME BACK TO VLOG OF THRONES! This vlog we take a look at season six episode three: Oathbreaker. Zombie Jon is starting to make waves and Bran has some wacky visions.

Vlog of Thrones #5.8: Hardhome

I think Hardhome is the best episode of Game of Thrones to date. What happens when you dedicate half an episode to one character one one location? Absolute brilliance.

Vlog of Thrones #5.7: The Gift

Welcome back to Vlog of Thrones. This episode felt a lot more tame compared to the previous one...

Top 5 Wednesday: Books You’ll Never Read/Wish You Never Read

Alexandra and Chelsey are currently at BEA! But they were smart enough to pre-record their video... or at least attempt too.

Vlog of Thrones #4.10: The Children

[youtube] Game of Thrones why do you kill all the characters we love but let the ones we hate live? Chelsey and Alexandra tal...

Vlog of Thrones #4.8: Mountain and the Viper

Welcome back to Vlog of Thrones, this week we’re taking a look at the episode #4.8: The Mountain and the Viper. Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Tyrion’s speech and the fight between Oberyn and the...

Vlog of Thrones #4.6: The Laws of Gods and Men

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about episode six of Game of Thrones: The Laws of Gods and Men. As per usual Peter Dinklage should get all the awards.

Tolkien Didn’t Write the Desolation of Smaug

[youtube] If Tolkien wrote blockbusters… he did not write the Desolation of Smaug. Struggling to make the movie 2 1/2 hours long, endearing...

The Hunger Games is Catching Fire

[youtube] My reaction after coming back from the Catching Fire. I was so excited, and here is why!

VEDA 5 – Eleven Questions

[youtube] My friends from NICoA have given me eleven questions, so here are my attempts at answering them!

VEDA #2: About Me


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