Tamora Pierce

Tempests and Slaughter

Arram. Varice. Ozorne. In the first book in the Numair Chronicles, three student mages are bound by fate . . . fated for trouble. Arram Draper is a boy on the path to becoming one of the realm’s ...

Tempests and Slaughter: The New Tamora Pierce Book Cover Reveal!

If you’re like me and you have been dying for a new Tamora Pierce book then you have casually been checking her Wikipedia page for years. And you know that she has had several Tortall books list...

Top 5 Wednesday: Series We Wish Had More Books

Sometimes you love a book or a series so much you would be willing to give your left arm for another story that takes place in that world. This week for Top 5 Wednesday, Chelsey and I talk about our f...

Song of the Lioness Quartet

And so young Alanna of Trebond begins the journey to knighthood. Though a girl, Alanna has always craved the adventure and daring allowed only for boys; her twin brother, Thom, yearns to learn the art...

8.2 Great

Top Five Wednesday: Characters Not Allowed In Our Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Group

When we were filming that video we kept joking about characters who we thought wouldn't stand a chance if they found themselves in a zombie apocalypse. Whether it be because they possess no survival s...

Daughter of the Lioness Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra take a more spoiler filled look at the Daughter of the Lioness. The last series for their so called Tamora Pierce Month. What a great month am I right? So long.

7 Good

Daughter of the Lioness Review

And so we come to the end of Tamora Pierce Month... it was a long road full of adventure and perils... Alexandra and Chelsey take a look at The Daughter of the Lioness (Tricksters Choice and Tricks...

7 Good

Protector of the Small Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into a more spoiler filled review of Protector of the Small and why exactly Kel didn't stand up to the previous Pierce Heroines.

6.6 Fair

Protector of the Small Review

Keladry serves as a response to Alanna. You would think having a successful knight like the Lioness would open more doors for female heroes in the world of Tortall, but you would be wrong. Though the ...

6.6 Fair

Protector of the Small

In the medieval and fantastic realm of Tortall, Keladry of Mindelan is the first girl to take advantage of the decree that permits females to train for knighthood. Up against the traditional hazing of...

6.6 Fair

The Immortals Quartet Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey take a more spoiler filled look at Tamora Pierce's Immortals Quartet. Things are getting a little bit magical in the world of Tortall.

7.2 Good

The Immortals Quartet Review

Our second Tamora Pierce review looks at The Immortals. Daine is a young woman who can speak to animals... but with great power comes great responsibility!

7.2 Good

The Immortals Quartet

Young Daine's knack with horses gets her a job helping the royal horsemistress drive a herd of ponies to Tortall. Soon it becomes clear that Daine's talent, as much as she struggles to hide it, is dow...

7.2 Good

All Tamora Pierce All The Time

Chelsey talks about the effects of marathon reading Tamora Pierce and how it's leaked into her daily life.

Poor Decisions: Roger of Conte

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!! Chelsey and Alexandra talk in greater detail about the return of Roger of Conte and why it drove them up the wall.

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