book con

Book Expo 2018 Recap

Book Expo was full of meeting new friends, running into authors and mini zombie apocalypse created by a unannounced drop of Liani Taylor's Muse of Nightmares. Also included is a story about the time w...

BEA Books I Am SO Excited For!

Book Expo 2018 list is finally out and of course there are a bunch of books I am excited for from old authors are new ones, including Laini Taylor, Brandon Sanderson and more.

Top Five Favourite Books from Book Con 2017

This week for Top Five Wednesday Alexandra finally coughs up her top five books that she got at book con. You know only a few months late.

We Went to New York City (Book Expo 2017)

Alexandra recounts her adventures from Book Expo 2017 and New York City. Lots of books, museums and Panic! At the Disco abounds. Be warned.

On Our Way to BookExpo!

Airports always do their utmost to be stressful. I have a theory that people who specialize in designing airports probably have a particular affinity for rat mazes. Lucky for us we weren’t defea...

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