On Our Way to BookExpo!

Airports always do their utmost to be stressful. I have a theory that people who specialize in designing airports probably have a particular affinity for rat mazes.

Lucky for us we weren’t defeated by the sinister airport layout this time. Just the weather. All those freak thunderstorms probably canceled our flight. On the one hand we got to watch some cool sheet lightning all night. On the other hand I don’t think we will get to Central Park today. Ah well. We will definitely get there in time to see BRENDAN URIE on stage in Kinky Boots on Broadway tonight!

AHHHH!!!! There are no words for how excited about that we are. And if we missed it… all the tears.

Carrying all out bags through the airport was really just a teaser for the intense workout we are going to get hauling all those beautiful, beautiful books through the Javits Center. We are hunkered down, waiting for our flight now. I put in a massive Timmies order because they don’t have food in the US, right?

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I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Film, Women Studies, and Religion and Culture. I adore fantasy and sci-fi, especially when it comes to the YA section, but that doesn't mean I don't read anything else. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, biking, taking my dog for long walks or watching anime.

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