Day 14: The Longest Book I’ve Read

Ever spend page and pages and never notice? Those are the best books: when the story goes on and on but you’re always excited for the next page and are sad when the adventure is over. In contrast to the books that are 200 pages and each on feels like an individual eternity in hell. Unfortuantely I couldn’t tell you on my life what the longest book I’ve read is. An Eragon book? LOTR? I have no idea and that makes this hard.

So I’ve decided to do this blog on one of the longest series I’ve read. Most of the time I have a strict policy on how much I am willing to read for a series (and how much money I am willing to put out to buy the whole thing). As a kid, Heartland was the only series I read past 4 books, and I only read Gossip Girl because my friend lent me all the books. But, when I found the Sword of Truth series, I actually decided that it was worth my while to read the whole series of some 13 odd books.

I was first introduced to the show Legend of the Seeker, which really has little to do plot wise with the actually books. Both are equally good I’ve found, just separate from each other. After watching the TV show I picked up the books. The first one was… interesting. It starts with Richard is awesome. And then the book proceeds to be a homage to Richard’s awesome, shining, clever, perfection. And then it proceeds to find new reasons why Richard is awesome. The whole series goes on like that really. Every scenario is another way to show how awesome Richard is. (And by the way ‘awesome’ is the opinion of the author, Terry Goodkind, and not a reflection of my actual feelings about Richard).

Still, once you get past the iffy writing style that does get better as it goes along the story gets pretty complex by a simple formula: “Yeah… you know that problem you just fixed? You know what you did to fix that problem? Well, it actually caused a bigger problem. Have fun.” And this goes on for a lot of books.

It provides for a fascinating read and one that keeps you hooked no matter how long each novel is. My favorite arch when Denna captured Richard in the first book, and that is when I decided that the series was worth the read. If you can tolerate the first novel that far (some 7/800 pages in) I would say you’re golden.

So rather than telling you about the longer book I’ve read, The Sword of Truth is the longest series I’ve read.

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