Waiting on Wednesday: High Voltage

Oh The Fever series, just when I thought you were dead and gone I find you in my life again.

Title: High Voltage
Series: The Fever Series
Author: Karen Marie Monig
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Released: March 6th 2018


There is no action without consequence…

Dani O’Malley was nine years old when the delusional, sadistic Rowena transformed her into a ruthless killer. Years later, she’s tough, hardened, yet achingly vulnerable and fiercely compassionate, living alone by her own exacting code. Despite the scars on her body, driven by deeper ones carved into her soul, no one is more committed to protecting Dublin. By day, she ensures the safety of those she rescues, by night she hunts evil, dispensing justice swiftly and without mercy, determined to give those she cares for the peace she has never known.

There is no power without price…

When the Faerie Queen used the dangerously powerful Song of Making to heal the world from the damage done by the Hoar Frost King, catastrophic magic seeped deep into the earth, giving rise to horrifying, unforeseen consequences–and now deadly enemies plot in the darkness, preparing to enslave the human race and unleash an ancient reign of hell on Earth.

There is no future without sacrifice…

With the lethal, immortal Ryodan at her side, armed with the epic Sword of Light, Dani once again battles to save the world but her past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance, demanding an unspeakable price for the power she needs to save the human race and no one—not even Ryodan who’d move the very stars for her—can save her this time…


It’s that time of year again. The new Fever book is coming and my unhealthy addiction to this series is rearing its ugly head. It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t impressed with the last book in this series, the day this book comes out I will be there and I will be first in line.

Both Chelsey and I have said a million that the Fever series is like popcorn. It’s entertaining and mindless (and probably not very good for you) but you just can’t break the habit. The characters are ridiculous, every man is an alpha male trying to out alpha the rest. The philosophy behind it is weird and can make you uncomfortable sometimes… But it’s fun.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILYDO8D6vw4?showinfo=0&w=853&h=480]
Chelsey and my recap of the first seven Fever books

And for all of the elements of this series that I don’t like, it has some of the best world building that I have ever come across. Underneath the ridiculous plot and characters there is a fascinating world and magic system. I always find myself reading sections of the guide that KMM provides in the back of the books to learn more about her creatures and artifacts.

The only thing that has me a little hesitant about is that this book follows Dani. The plot sounds interesting enough but Dani has proven that she’s not really capable of carrying the A plot. She’s also not my favourite character in this series. KMM took her most uncomfortable wander through relationship advice with Dani in her solo novel Iced. After the negative reviews she followed up with a sharp turn into the world of soap operas and sent Dani elsewhere to grow up to a more appropriate age to be be coveted.*

To conclude I am excited but I’m still a little wary. If you’re looking for something that is fun and a little mindless but also has a lot of lore behind it, then you should check this one out. Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for me to return to my usual waiting game: Do I read her Highlander books to try and curb my impatience? Find out in our inevitable video review about High Voltage!

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly tag hosted by Breaking the Spine where you draw attention to upcoming releases that you’re excited for. 

*I may be remembering this wrong but wasn’t High Voltage the title for one of the books in the cancelled Dani trilogy that eventually was absorbed into the Fever series? I don’t remember.
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