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The Strain #3.1: New York Strong Recap

Given the way the final episode Night Train ended it seemed like our waiting was over. It was time for the epic payoff, humanity was doomed, the vampires were winning, all hail our worm ridden Overlor...[Read More]

The Strain Season 2 Trailer

My favourite nightmare fuel is coming back to FX this summer! I'm so excited! With the release of the new trailer for season two, The Strain seems to be offering everything I loved about the first sea...[Read More]

The Strain #1.5: Runaways Recap

Runaways Episode Summary Eph joins Abraham on his quest to destroy the passengers and anyone that they’ve infected. Meanwhile, Nora goes to see her mother and Gabriel’s manager Ruby finds ...[Read More]

The Strain #1.4: It’s Not For Everyone Recap

It’s Not For Everyone Episode Summary As his friends conduct an autopsy on Redfern’s transformed body, Jim makes a startling confession. Meanwhile, Gus gets a new job and Ansel takes despe...[Read More]

The Strain #1.3: Gone Smooth Recap

Gone Smooth Episode Summary Eph and Nora fight to save Captain Redfern’s life. Meanwhile, Abraham is released from jail and gets the passenger manifest, while Jim meets with Eichorst and discove...[Read More]

The Strain # 1.2: The Box Recap

The Strain Episode #1.2: The Box Recap Guillermo del Toro’s films have always been heavy on atmosphere. The Strain looks like it’s going to be no different. Instead of jumping right into t...[Read More]

The Strain #1.1: Night Zero Recap

The Strain Episode #1.1: Night Zero Recap I picked up The Strain way back during my bookstore days. The book both scared the living crap out of me and made me wonder why exactly it existed. The book r...[Read More]

Strained: The Horror of a TV Show Turned Novel

I was promised horror, discomfort and a lingering sense of dread. What I got was bludgeoned into boredom by pages upon pages of unnecessary details and irrelevant points of view that slowly sucked the...[Read More]

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