The Strain Vlogs #2.9: The Battle for Red Hook



Remember, these vlogs include spoilers for The Strain, so if you haven’t watched it, go do so!!!

Topics for this week include:
– The different opening????
– Eichorst is on a boat.
– Our heroes want to warn the council woman about the vampires getting into Red Hook
– Yet they send Eph, Setrakian and Zach to spread the info
– Checking up on Ke$ha and her girlfriend, because they’ve moved out
– The vampires attack Red Hook
– The Council Woman gets even more character development! I love this woman
– Our heroes need to turn on the lights – they save everyone! Woooo
– Setrakian and Eph vs Eichorst (Alexandra does an accurage Setrakian impression)
– A SCENE REINACTMENT – The Rat Catcher vs the Worms
– Eichorst snoops around the bat cave
– Setrakian shoots Eichorst. Weird moment because you’re happy they’re taking him down and then you aren’t.
– Ke$ha and her girlfriend – CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT
– Overall the episode was fun
– The importance of danger and consequences in the show
– The show improves when you’re invested.

Chelsey and Alexandra have been posting book reviews by text or video for over 5 years now. When they're not reading and writing reviews they usually have a fantasy project in queue that they're working on. You can also catch them around town at cons and expos once or twice a year.

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