The Strain Vlogs #2.13: Night Train


Here we are last, the finale episode of The Strain season 2. We’ve come along way during this vampire apocalypse….

Topics include:
– The end of the world is riding on an auction
– Coco’s character change makes us mad and confused
– Eichorst’s fight or flight instinct is spot on
– Setrakien + Quinlain logic together a team up, and awkward team up but a team up none the less
– Palmer finally screws over Eichorst and doesn’t realize just how much of a bad idea it was
– The Master eats Coco
– Palmer cuts out Coco’s heart because that’s what you do when your significant otheer becomes infected
– The people processing plant
– The train trip of doom
– The final brawl between Kelly and Nora
– RIP Nora.
– Nora and Coco being stuffed into the fridge
– Our major prediction is that the story is going to skip ahead 4 or so years

Chelsey and Alexandra have been posting book reviews by text or video for over 5 years now. When they're not reading and writing reviews they usually have a fantasy project in queue that they're working on. You can also catch them around town at cons and expos once or twice a year.

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