top five wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Spooky Settings

Yes we know, we cheated. Instead of just five favourite spooky places we have six. Because sometimes we like to go one step further...

Top Five Wednesday: Favourite Opening Lines

[youtube]   Top Five Wednesday is a book tag started by GingerReadsLainey. Join the goodreads group to get each week’s topic and participate...

Top 5 Wednesday: Books We Are Still Waiting For

This week on Top Five Wednesday, Chelsey and Alexandra talk about the Top Five Books They Are Still Waiting For. So we did kind of mess up the topic

Top 5 Wednesday: Books You’ll Never Read/Wish You Never Read

Alexandra and Chelsey are currently at BEA! But they were smart enough to pre-record their video... or at least attempt too.

Top 5 Wednesday: Books We Want As TV Shows

This week for Top Five Wednesday, Chelsey and Alexandra talk about the books that they really want to see as TV Shows. Hey netflix, we have some ideas! They'll totally make you money we promise! &n...

To 5 Favourite Spellcasters

Chelsey and Alexandra describe their favourite spellcasters in the style of Gandalf: long winded and full of tangents.

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