Day 4: A Book That Makes You Cry

When I first tried to read His Dark Materials I could not get myself past the first few chapters. I was bored and confused, and put it down for a year or two.  When I ran out of things to read I finally picked it up again and flew through The Golden Compass. Whatever problem  I has with it was gone, and I adore it. The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass quickly followed as soon as I could get my hands on them.

The plot was beautiful. It did an amazing job of starting off small and then working to look at the larger picture. What the main characters learn and accomplish in the first book works itself into a macrocosm of the entire universe wonderfully. Pullman illustrates how little actions can change the course of everything and creates so many interesting worlds that make you consider our own world.
I loved this book most for where it dares to go. If you haven’t read the books then stop reading here. The idea that when the universe began and the first being that appeared claimed to have created all the others that came after it was mind blowing. It made you wonder, it made you think, and it was so different from anything I’ve ever come across. But it made me cry.

I’m not exactly a stone when it comes to stories and emotions, though I’m not a cry baby either. I’ve balled reading a few books,but when asked to think about which book made me cry, this one comes to mind first. I love stories where you have to lose something in order to gain something, and that is what the characters in the novel have to do. Finally finding an honest love that changed them from children to adults, the two main characters must give up their love for each other in order to fix the world that has been broken. They must close themselves in their own worlds, and never see each other again. As contrived as it sounds the story is so natural and so well thought out that the end is a deep sadness, something that is not easily forgotten.

They were beautiful books, and the movie was well done. It’s a shame that people raised up enough fuss that they never made the rest. They looked promising.

These books are excellent. The story is wonderful . It will bring you to tears.

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I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Film, Women Studies, and Religion and Culture. I adore fantasy and sci-fi, especially when it comes to the YA section, but that doesn't mean I don't read anything else. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, biking, taking my dog for long walks or watching anime.

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