The Fault in Our Stars

Like a lot of people I was waiting for The Fault in Our Stars with baited breath. So when I finally got my hands on my copy I dropped my life (school and everything) and read the book in under four hours.

And it was beautiful.

There were certain points in the novel that were hard to read, but I pushed forth because I was in love with the characters. Even though everything looked grim and I thought there was no way Hazel Grace was going to get her happy ending, I pushed through because I loved her. I loved her and I loved Augustus Waters and I didn’t want to leave them behind. I needed to see the story through.

TFIOS follows Hazel Grace, a sixteen year old girl who also happens to be a cancer patient. Her parents force her to go to support group where she meets Augustus Waters. The rest of the book follows their story together and how they support each other and just how deeply Augustus affects Hazel’s life. Saying anymore would be to spoil the book, which I don’t want to do (I mean look at my summary of the book, it leaves so much out), because I want you to read it. This book is not a Twilight book, yes, there is a romantic element, and yes Augustus does change Hazel’s life, but the love story in this novel is just right. Hazel is not cured because he loves her, Hazel grows from her experiences and meeting Augustus just happens to be one of them.

John’s writing style is hard to describe. Read, when she finished the book described it as “the writing of that kid in school who managed to absorb everything that they ever taught you.” This is pretty true. John references philosophy, literature, religion and many others. You would think that this would sound pretentious, but it does not. John Green’s voice (and that of Hazel’s) has this extremely human quality to it.

Through TFIOS, John Green manages to write a story about cancer, where cancer is not the central character, central plot point and it does not invoke emotions because it’s expected to. This book feels real, like it could have happened or one day might.

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The Fault in Our Stars is a hearfelt coming of age story that is going to stay with you for a long time. Expect to cry.
  • well-written characters
  • emotional
  • realistic
  • poignant
Plot - 7
Characters - 9
Setting - 7
Writing Style - 9
Enjoyability - 7
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Alexandra is always looking for the next book she can devour. She has a love hate relationship with teen fiction specifically when it comes to fantasy, post apocalyptic and failed shakespeare adaptations.

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