Well, I Guess Loki Has the Tesseract – Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Infinity Wars Thoughts and Predictions

Well here we are, it feels like the beginning of the end of the an era. Marvel just dropped the first trailer for Infinity War. I’ve already watched it four times, and I have some feelings.

Well this is Going to Be Intense

Like I said up top, this feels like the beginning of the end. The opening of the trailer has all of the Avengers in voice over telling us why the Avengers exist and it feels giant. This movie going to be big in every sense. The MCU has been building up to this story for years. I’m both excited and a little nervous.

Are They Going to Be Able to Manage All These Characters?

Because there are a lot of characters. You have the original Avengers, you have the newer members, you have Spiderman and you have all the cosmic characters. Not to mention all their friends, co-workers, romantic partners. Like seriously there are going to be a lot of people in this movie (unless they kill off half the cast in the first five minutes for shock value). Will everyone get their due time or will certain characters be prioritized over others? Will TV show characters make cameos (I know licensing, but they managed to swing getting Spiderman so who knows). I have so many questions.

I’m Even More Excited for Black Panther Now.

All the Wakandans look awesome. I can’t wait to get to know them better. SOON.

Thanos, Finally

Marvel Studios has been building up to Thanos since the first Avengers movie in 2012. It’s now 2017. It feels like it’s been longer than that. I really hope that Infinity War will be able to deliver on all the build up and hype they’ve been nursing.

I Guess Loki Has the Tesseract

This trailer is full of answers to questions and half-hearted cliffhangers from around the Marvel films. Let’s go over some.

  • During Thor Ragnorak, Loki was in the Asgardian vault and he saw the Tesseract. Did he take it? Yeah. He did.
  • Bucky – The last we saw of him he was in the care of T’Challa in Wakanda. Bucky insisted on being put on ice so his Hydra training wouldn’t hurt anyone. It served as a nice parallel to Steve Rogers story. But it turns out that poor old Buck doesn’t get to sleep through the world possibly ending. That was a short nap.
  •  Captain America is back, I wonder if he spent his time since his break up with Tony secretly avenging or taking some time to work on himself. He has a beard now. It looks good. This isn’t really an answer to anything, but it was an observation needed to be made.
  • The Avengers are reunited. We all knew this was coming. It’s time to get the gang back together for one last run and to do that everyone needs to get over their issues. The trailer alludes to a big confrontation being mediated by T’Challa. But interestingly enough there is never a shot of all the Avengers together. Either things aren’t fully resolved or Marvel is saving the money shot for the end of the film

Please Don’t Kill Vision. He Only Just Got Here

Like seriously. I know he’s a dead man walking since he has the infinity stone in his head. But still I don’t want to see him go already.

The Best Part

When Thor Ragnarok was announced, all I wanted was for Thor to go on a cosmic adventure just so he could have a run in with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It didn’t happen and I was sad.



  • Part One is going to end with Thanos having all the Infinity Stones.
  • Part One will end with all the Avengers having finally worked through their issues.
  • Captain America will die.
  • Something awful will happen to Spiderman and since he’s a kid it’ll make everyone feel guilty for bringing a kid into this.
  • Bucky and Sam will try to befriend Wong but he won’t have time for their shenanigans.
  • Everyone will love Groot especially Tony.
  • Thor and Banner will return to earth with all of the Asgardians just in time to win a critical battle.
  • Korg will save the world.
  • The after credit scene will be everyone crammed into the shawarma place from the first Avengers film.

All that said, I’m super excited for Infinity War. Will our heroes survive, will the female Thor make an appearance? Will Tony and Steve hug it out? So many questions, so little time. See you all in May at the theatre.

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