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Dystopic Mashup: The Forgetting Review

The Forgetting is one of those books that seems like a mashup of like 5 different things. Divergent, The Giver, Alive, The Purge. The Forgetting takes place in the city of Cannan. A self-sufficient ci...[Read More]

5.6 Average

The Forgetting Spoilers Review

The Forgetting mashes up many different properties. The romance is a little insta-lovey and the main characters forgets to speak a lot. The villains also mustache twirl a lot. But what's up with the w...[Read More]

5.2 Average

The Forgetting Vlog Review

Divergent meets The Giver meets Alive... with a healthy dose of The Purge. This odd little sci-fi dystopia is a book that will capture some people's interest over others. It focuses on solving the mys...[Read More]

5.2 Average

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