Call of Cthulhu Part Five – Drink Until It Effects Your Destiny

It's been a whiiiiiiiiiile! Alexandra and Chelsey pick back up where they left off with Call of Cthulhu, that game where you play a wacky detective trying to investigate weird goings on on an islan...

Call of Cthulhu Part Four – Lanterns for Days

Welcome back to Call of Cthulhu. This time round we start have a weird puzzle with lanterns. It goes great. I promise.

Call of Cthulhu Part Three – Cuddle Forever???

Did you love the stealth? Because guess what. MORE STEALTH

Call of Cthulhu Part Two – So You Want to Be Stealthy

Welcome back to Chelsey and my low key playthrough of the Call of Cthulhu. What happens when a bombastic private detective and a useless cop try to be stealthy? Nothing good.

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