Gideon the Ninth Book Soundtrack

Here is the soundtrack to one of the best books about lesbian necromancers in spaaaace. It' s a little hardcore, dark and edgy, underneath everything, it's surprisingly fun.

Books ‘n Tunes – The Iron Flower

I finished The Iron Flower, and one thought that struck me was how much Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Mis fit with Elloren as she watched all her friends head East to safety from the Gardneria...

Books ‘n Tunes – A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury is one of those books for me where you just love it heart and soul. Creating this one true soundtrack was difficult because I was just planning on making it 10 songs and then ...

Books ‘n Tunes – The Sun is Also a Star

What better way to experience a book then with a soundtrack. It sounds like a fun challenge, so without further ado, game on. My goal is come up with 10 songs that would be the score for a The Sun is ...

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