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Rat Queens Vol. 3 Demons Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into a more detailed discussion about why the third volume of Rat Queens fell flat for them. Yes, they are very heartbroken.

5.2 Average

Rat Queens Vol. 3 Demons

Having survived the end of the world, the Queens follow Hannah back to where it all began: Mage University. A long perilous journey awaits the Rat Queens as they attempt to find out what happened to H...

5.2 Average

Rat Queens Vol. 3: Demons Review

Volume three of Rat Queens is a poor follow up to the previous two. Instead of strong friendships and laugh out loud humour, Demons falls into all the tropes that the series was originally critiquing.

5.2 Average

Top Ten Reads of 2015 Part One

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBGVPS1SM3o?showinfo=0] Instead of doing a Top 5 Wednesday video for our favourite reads of 2015, we decided that we would do a top ten list. Honestly, we read...

Top Reads of 2015

2016 is fast approaching, so that means it’s time to celebrate all the amazing that 2015 gave us! Here is a list of the top 10 books we read this year! Happy New Year! Check out some of our reviews of...

Rat Queens Spoilers

The spoiler filled review where Alexandra and Chelsey gush over how much they love Rat Queens

8.8 Great

Rat Queens Series

Who are the Rat Queens? They're a pack of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire and they're in the business of killing all the god's creatures for profit. Meet Hannah the Rockabi...

7.6 Good

Rat Queens Vol 1. Sass and Sorcery

The most in your face team of monster hunting heroines is here, and their next shenanigans involve stealing your soul. You’ll never see it again, sorry, not sorry. They’re rude, crude, and you’ll inst...

8.8 Great

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