Passage Home

Wayward Tide/ Passage Home

The Wayward Tide is a modern victorian epic following Rachel as she crosses continents and lives out her life. Never a dull moment this novel is full of adventure, romance and just plain interesting p...

The Wayward Tide/Passage Home [Book Swap #1]

Part One of the epic book swap! Chelsey gives Alexandra her favourite book The Wayward Tide (also called Passage Home) by Alison McLeay.

8.6 Great

The Wayward Tide/Passage Home

Like the sea she loved, Adam Gaunt was a compelling force, sweeping Rachel Dean far from her proper home in Victorian England to the wild American frontier on an adventure beyond compare. Hers is...

8.6 Great

Day 19: Most Read Book

I don’t really know how many times I have read The Wayward Tide but my love for this book appears to be undying. It’s practically tied with Lady of Horses for me. Now, without intentionally sounding l...

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