death of the author

OUTTAKES: Fantasy Worlds | The Sad Life of Bill and George

Alexandra and Chelsey go off on a tangent about which fantasy worlds they wish they could live in.

Things Are Happening!!!

This is just a general update post on the state of things here at Death of the Author. A lot has been happening in the past few weeks and we figured we should share it with you guys. CON BRAVO! As you...

Tolkien and Me: How The Lord of the Rings Changed My Life

Fantasy is a natural human activity. It certainly does not destroy or even insult Reason; and it does not either blunt the appetite for, nor obscure the perception of, scientific verity. On the contra...

Death of the Author is coming to CONBRAVO!

For the last few years Read and I have made it a tradition to go to Con Bravo. Well this year we’re throwing it up and hosting a Panel (which we are both extremely excited and a little bit terri...

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