Tear You Apart

Attention fans of Holly Black’s Modern Day Fairytales, there is a new series you should be picking up written by Sarah Cross.

Beau Rivage is a town inhabited by descendants of the fae. Unfortunately for these descendants, having fae blood qualifies them for all sorts of nasty curses, forced to relive famous fairytales over and over again. Vivian is just one of many, stuck with a Snow White curse, and the ex-boyfriend is her Huntsman. Vivian struggles with her curse, what it means, and how it…

Cross goes beyond pulling characters from fairytales that have been adapted by Disney, or even simply the Grimm ones. You’re guaranteed to run across several curses you’ve never heard of before. Cross isn’t afraid to take her little town for a ride, crossing stories and destinies so that plot is predictable – until it isn’t.

Characters don’t get the short end of the stick either. As opposed to what you might get in a straight adaptation where a character is only reacting to what is happening to the them in the story, we get a fascinating, more meta reaction to their destiny, and what it’s like to be trapped in a curse.

Tear You Apart is a companion to Kill Me Softly, and though Tear You Apart spoils the ending of the first book if you haven’t read it already, you’ll definitely want to go back and see how it all went down.

Sarah Cross is an author to watch.

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I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Film, Women Studies, and Religion and Culture. I adore fantasy and sci-fi, especially when it comes to the YA section, but that doesn't mean I don't read anything else. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, biking, taking my dog for long walks or watching anime.

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