The Call Spoiler Review

Welcome back to the wonderful world of fairy horror! We talk about the spoilers for this survival horror book. It was a surprise to find such a gruesome book published by Scholastic, but it is definit...

7.2 Good

The Call Vlog Review

I can describe The Call in three words: Fairies from Hell. The Hunger Games meets Buffalo Bill and Irish mythology equals nothing short of a nightmare! This unique little book of nightmare fuel is a s...

7.2 Good

BEA: A Brief Survival Guide

Looking at the schedule for BEA every year, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. There are people everywhere – industry professionals, authors, bloggers, marketers, publicists, book buyers, ...


Alive tells its story so well that I am worried that sequel will never measure up to it. Everything from the pacing to the plot makes this Lord of the Flies turned dystopian fiction a must-read.

9.4 Amazing

Day 13: A Character You Are Like

Gah, so personal once again. A character you are like. So difficult too. It feels a lot like narcissism. I thought about this I guess it might sound a little narcissistic considering how awesome the c...

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