Stephenie Meyer

Life and Death

A reimagining of Twilight where the genders of most of the characters have been swapped. The story that you know and love or love to hate but following Beau and Edythe.

1.8 Horrendous

Life and Death Spoiler Review

Chelsey and Alexandra break down Life and Death a little further with focused readings of specific passages... After this no more Twilight. It does not exist any more.

1.8 Horrendous

Life and Death

Confession time. I haven’t managed to make myself read the last 25% of Life and Death. I fully intend to one day when I am bored as hell and trapped on a subway with nothing else loaded on my iP...

Alexandra Reads Life and Death

Stephenie Meyer proved how gendered Twilight is with this rewrite. It wasn't her intention, but she did. All of the problems that existed with Twilight exist in this book including a subpar writing st...

1.6 Horrendous

Life and Death Review

On this magical Leap Day, Chelsey and Alexandra release to you dear viewer one more vampire review. A special review, a review Chelsey never wanted to do... but Alexandra made her. Welcome to Life ...

1.8 Horrendous

Day 18: Book You’re Embarrassed to Say You Like

And I’m not sure it would be a Stephenie Meyer book if there wasn’t some ultimate heart throb who the heroine could not live without, but in this books its, well… bearable. I would argue that this boo...

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