Hanging Out With Jonathan L. Howard

[youtube] A few weeks ago Chelsey and I had the pleasure of talking to one of my all time favourite authors: Jonathan L. Howard for our podcast. ...

Interview with Susann Cokal: Author of Kingdom of Little Wounds

We had a chance to sit down and talk with the author of The Kingdom of Little Wounds author Susann Cokal about some of the biggest questions we had about her amazing book. Below is an edited transcrip...

Hanging Out With Susann Cokal: Part One

Kingdom of Little Wounds was one of Alexandra and Chelsey's favourite books that they read in 2014. In this two part series Alexandra and Chelsey hang out with author Susann Cokal and talk about the n...

9 – Hanging Out With Susann Cokal

It's a little bit different this week guys! Alexandra and Chelsey share some of the audio from their recent interview with Kingdom of Little Wounds author Susann Cokal.

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