Top 5 Wednesday: Books We Want As TV Shows

This week for Top Five Wednesday, Chelsey and Alexandra talk about the books that they really want to see as TV Shows. Hey netflix, we have some ideas! They'll totally make you money we promise! &n...

Parenting in a Post-Apocalyptic World 101

I’ve encountered 3 books recently that have had a real focus on media in a post-apocalyptic world, and I’ve noticed a fascinating little trend. (I’m sorry, the scholar in me is clawi...

Feed Spoilers

The open forum where Chelsey and Alexandra review what they liked and disliked about Feed without having to deal with the pesky job of censoring themselves

7.4 Good

Feed Review

Who can say no to zombies? Chelsey and Alexandra can't! Death of the Author reviews Mira Grant's media obsessed zombie novel Feed.

7.4 Good


Who can say no to zombies? Clearly Chelsey and Alexandra can't. Give a warm welcome back to literary critic super team as they take on Mira Grant's Feed!

Genre: Zombie Realism

Of the horror genres that are cycling through the public consciousness, the shambling threat that is zombie realism has caught my attention. It started with Warm Bodies. R and his mind that surpassed ...

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