chris wooding

Top 5 Wednesday: Authors We Want to Meet

[youtube] Everyone has that list of people that they would really love to meet. They could be movie stars, actors, scholars and authors. This wee...

5 Supernatural Serial Killers in Teen Fiction

Serial killers make for a creepy crawly read, but they don’t feature very prominently in the teen fiction. These books have taken the horror stereotype and gone one step further, creating supern...

30 Day Book Challenge – Day Two: A Book You Have Read More Than Three Times

It’s always great when you are able to find a book that you can read over and over again without it getting old. The one book that I never get sick of reading has to be Chris Wooding’s Poi...

Poison Review

Poison is a dark fantasy novel that refuses to fall for the usual tropes of the genre. Understand that this book is not for the feint of heart and might just keep you up past your bed time.

9.4 Amazing

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