New YouTube Partnership Policy Detrimental to Small Channels

I am sure you heard YouTube is dumping all of its small channel YouTube Partners. Anyone who does not have 1000 subscribers or get 4000 watch minutes a year are being kicked out of the YouTube Partner...

BEA & BookCon 2016: A Review

Once again BEA was awesome. So many books and so many amazing authors I really don’t know how to contain my internal shrieking with joy. I got enough of book utopia that I can now hold out until...

R.I.P. It or SHIP It Book Tag

Alexandra and Chelsey decide to do the R.I.P. It or SHIP it book tag! Things get a little bit weird, but in a fun way.

Top Ten Tuesday: Recently Aquired

Top Ten Tuesday is still happening! Alexandra talks about the books she's recently bought and borrowed. Hint: seems like a comic binge is on the horizon

12 – Tag You’re It

For this week on the podcast, Chelsey and Alexandra do the five questions book tag.

The Tolkien Tag | Alexandra

A couple weeks ago I was tagged by Lydia to do the Tolkien Tag. I finally got around to filming my video so check it out. I ramble about The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn and why the elves aren’t a...

Top 5 Wednesday: Futuristic Books

When we were originally coming up with this list we decided to give ourselves one more limitation. There would be no post apocalyptic fiction on this list. Both Chelsey and I have gotten a little over...

Top 5 Wednesday: Antiheroes

Are you sick and tired of a squeaky clean hero saving the day? Do you want a little moral ambiguity in your reading list? Well do we have the thing for you: antiheroes! All the joy of a villain but wi...

Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Reads of 2014

Welcome back to Top Five Wednesday! This week Chelsey and I talk about our favourite reads of 2014. Yes, I know we’re pretty late to the ballgame and we’re pretty much one month into the new year alre...

TIBF Inspire Vlog 2014

Chelsey and Alexandra sit down with Hana from Story Nut to talk about their Sunday at the Toronto International Book Festival. This videos topics include: – The Lev Grossman experience – B...

Chip Roulette: Book Confessions

Alexandra and Chelsey play a round of Doritos Chip Roulette while they talk about books they haven’t read…. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  

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