We Saw Last Podcast on the Left

We saw a live Last Podcast on the Left! They actually came to Toronto, and, for those of you who missed it, they hinted that the three amigos will be back soon.

Seeing them in person was so strange, mainly because there were people whose mouths were making words and familiar voices were coming out of their faces. That did more to convince me that reality isn’t real than anything Henry yelled about in the last hour and a half.

Yeah, Henry had a whole section where he got to scream about how reality is all holograms (I think? I tuned right out.) There isn’t much difference between listening to Henry scream on the podcast and watching Henry scream in real life. Except that he makes gestures and you can watch Ben and Marcus’ faces as they roll their eyes and think “and there he goes…”

As for the other two, Marcus in person is as patient as he seems on the podcast. It’s not just stellar editing. And Ben is tall and also drinks a lot. They all have a lot of energy and good chemistry that comes from hours and hours of being good friends, knowing everything about each other and having no shame.

If you have a chance to see a live Last Podcast on the Left show be warned their choice of visual aids is exactly their sense of humour. Gifs of dogs wearing glasses and… videos of people losing a hand. Look away those of you who are faint of heart. I did.

The venue was… awful. I’m going to use the word awful. It was like standing in someone’s mouth the entire time. The mouth of someone who just licked a sweaty armpit. There were no chairs. so you ended up standing for an hour in half in a packed crowd where you get to play the game What is Touching Me? and the bonus round Who is Breathing on my Neck?

But it’s a sign of how much I appreciate them that I would be willing to go through it all again if they came back to Toronto. I would just make sure ask the bartender for some water. I think I lost 12 lbs in sweat. Woo!

Megustalations and hail yourself!

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