Day 15: Main Character to Marry

Turns out I ended up going out of order. So the next blog: main character I want to marry. Ok so he’s not THE main character but I’m skipping the explanation. He’s a large part of the plot and the side kick is always better developed anyway.

Kira watches over Setsuna

Kira Sakuya from Angel Sanctuary. Man melts my heart 10 ways from Sunday. Of course he is a character from a manga so I get a visual reference, but I think I would love with him even if he wasn’t drawn deliciously. Kaori Yuki manages to put something in his eyes that is just an IT factor. And the way his hair falls. Perfection.

Plus his backstory! This is only a half a spoiler; it’s not his BIG REVEAL, so if you happen to have plans to read the manga and don’t want minor spoilers, stop reading here.

Kira is a spirit bound to a sword holy sword Nanatsusaya. The sword was Alexiel’s: the angel who rebelled against heaven and was cursed to be separated from her body, then reincarnated into the body of a human over and over again. Her human incarnations are  mentally and physically tortured throughout their existence. Kira follows Alexiel throughout her incarnations, watching her, and he ends up falling in love with her. He has been forced to watch her pain over and over and there is very little he can do to help her, but he does what he can.

Kira is currently watching over Alexiel’s new for Setsuna, and the two have been friends since they were kids. Just watching Kira be a friend to Setsuna is the sweetest thing.

There tons more going on with Kira that would be too complicated to go into but take my word for it. Kira Sakuya is the one. If he were, you know, real…

He’s better than Edward Cullen, he’s better than Peeta (ok, maybe not, but Peeta is on par with Kira (not the other way around!)). If you have a chance, read the manga. If you don’t just stare at this yummy picture of him:


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