Day 12: A Book Like Your Life


A book like your life, now there is a personal question that I don’t mind answering. My life is totally Gossip Girl, because I’m rich, catty, and fabulous. Cecelia Von what’s-her-face completely created the character of Blair after me. Just don’t tell anyone, I want to keep some of my anonymity.

Oh God, I can barely type that without laughing. Unfortunately my life was never anything so full of drama… or money. Blast. In fact, a book that even comes close to my life is not that well known and as far as I’m concerned, really not that amazing. Isn’t that sad?

Alright, so a bunch happens in between but little of that is important or anything like my life.

I’ve read other books from Sarah Dessen and they were both excellent (and quite thankfully none of them were like my life, considering that one was about teen pregnancy and the other was about an abusive relationship). Both Someone Like You and Dreamland are anomalies of the teen section. There really just aren’t too many books out there with that kind of subject matter, but these are well done. So, since the other two were worth the read I picked up Keeping the Moon. It was not so good. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what its predecessors were, and it never will be. (I’ve noticed that none of her most recent books are as good and I wonder if that is because they are about more or less your typical teen romances with a few deeper themes thrown in.)

Keeping the Moon. So this 15 year old girl Collie, who was once fat and teased a lot in school, goes to live with her aunt for the summer where she meets two older girls who live next door, and the guy who rents out the basement. Collie has low self-esteem, Morgan and Isabella, the girls who live next door have their own issues, and blah blah blah Collie learns that she is a valuable person, the people she meets becomes her friends/boyfriend and help her self-actualize, and everyone’s issues get worked out, the end.

Alright, so a bunch happens in between but little of that is important or anything like my life. It didn’t take the attention of a boy to teach me that I’m worth something, though it did take the help of some pretty awesome friends (perhaps a little Morgan and Isabel-esque). So what I am trying to say is that theme is more like my life than anything else.

I was teased a lot as kid throughout gr. school, so much so that it was easier to just isolate myself and eventually I found it hard to speak to people. Staying silent was better. Yet, when things got better, I managed to remember what it was like to be a social person again, and of course that what I had to say was important.

Keeping the Moon is like my life in the way that it is focused on self-rediscovery, a battle that the book takes only some 200 pages and a summer to complete. I find that a little far-fetched in the fact that anyone who is consciously aware of their journey of self-discovery knows that it is a process that can go on ad infintum, and is hard to contain in a single summer.

Just for that theme I guess it could be considered a unique book. There aren’t a whole lot of teen books about that subject when you think about it, though I would still argue that the story falls short in some ways. So the story is kind of like my life, in its own way, but I certainly like my life better.

My life was less cheesy.

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