Oathbreaker: Assassin’s Apprentice

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Assassin’s Apprentice had all makings of a good story but it falls short in a few major ways.

The good: character ideas had potential, the world had potential, the plot might have potential if it ever figures out what it wants. In short, the book has potential – it just never lives up to it.

I could not find myself caring about any of the characters or the outcomes of things, and everything came off as forced. Even the world-building comes through poorly. While Eyrie’s past has a few events its sorely missing myths and legends that might have helped the world come alive.

On top of all the unmet potential the writing style for 3/4 of the book is awful. It reads like an role playing board more than a novel. Never have I had to go back so much and reread passages. I was confused a lot of the time because the writing style made what was going on extremely unclear.

Oh and by the way, assassin should be taken lightly. They are more like glorified social workers and executioners then assassins.

I’m really not interested in the next book and I suggest that if you pick up this book you might want to take it with a grain of salt – and some alcohol.

With a title using the word ‘assassin’ you would think there is very little an author could do to screw up a this book. It turns out, there is. In her first solo review Read looks at The Assassin’s Apprentice
  • Interesting premise
  • Terms
  • World building
  • Characters
Plot - 3
Characters - 0
Setting - 0
Writing Style - 0
Enjoyability - 0.5
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