The 4 Most Interesting Books I Read in 2017

The 4 Most



I Read

in 2017

Ready Player One. Or as I like to think of it

Harry Potter and the Quest for Net Neutrality. I realise that this book came out several years ago, but reading it in 2017 gave it a special kind of shine. All I could see were parallels between the FCC and Sixers is a little too close for comfort. Corporate interests that want to ruin the free internet just to make a few more bucks. And if the net neutrality collapses in the States it is going to effect more than just the people in the States. Unfortunately, there is no global contest we can take part in to wrest control away from Big Com though.

Ultimately I liked Ready Player One. I think it will make a better movie than it will a book though. Ernest Cline’s writing style is fairly juvenile, with tons exposition dumps that make what could have been a very tense and exciting plot fairly clunky.

But if you love video games and pop culture you are going to get a kick out of this book. Cline has some fantastic ideas for a virtual reality MMORPGs, like themed worlds, games where you get to star in your favorite movies and a clusterf***k of properties all mashed accessible in one place. I would be addicted to OASIS in a second.

Wonder Woman. Leigh Bardugo. Do you need more?

In the year of the #metoo movement and sexual assault scandals, Wonder Woman is the perfect figure keep in the front of our minds. She sees the good in people, even when it seems impossible. Bardugo captured her perfectly in this YA novel, with a diverse cast of characters and spot on themes.


If you love Night Vale this book is for you. It feels more like a novel than the first book, but it delves deep into the background of one of your favorite scientists. It handles the debate about science and religion in a way that only Night Vale can, and is sure to creep you out along the way.

Daemons. Origin Story. Dust.

His Dark Materials has been one of our favourite series since we first started reading. To get a companion series now of all the years is insane. Pullman captured his the exact tone of the first series, and adapts The Faerie Queene this time around. It is complex and beautiful and thought-provoking, just as we hoped it would be.

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I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Film, Women Studies, and Religion and Culture. I adore fantasy and sci-fi, especially when it comes to the YA section, but that doesn't mean I don't read anything else. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, biking, taking my dog for long walks or watching anime.

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