Vampire Month

Fevre Dream Spoilers Review

Alexandra and Chelsey go into more detail about George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream. Vampires. Steamboats... Metaphors... There's a lot here guys.

7 Good

Fevre Dream Review

Can you believe that this is the first George R.R. Martin book that we've ever reviewed? Chelsey and Alexandra start out vampire month (late) with George R.R. Martin's pre-Civil War vampire novel.

7 Good

Becoming Darkness

Becoming Darkness takes place in an alternate timeline where the Nazi’s won World War Two. Their victory was fully dependent on them releasing a plague which quickly went out of hand. The majori...

5 Average

Who Said It? Batman or Evanescence

Today we’re doing something a little different! Alexandra recently read Batman Vampire and Elseworld Batman story and some of Batman’s internal monologues.. were… well… nostalg...

The Hunger: A Movie Review

John (David Bowie) is the lover of the gorgeous immortal vampire Miriam (Catherine Deneuve), and he's been led to believe that he'll live forever, too. Unfortunately, he quickly deteriorates into a ho...

Becoming Darkness Spoilers

And we're back to talk about Becoming Darkness... aka The Strain meets The Man in the High Castle... and more things... This book was strange.

5.6 Average

Mister Quinlan Issues #1-4 Review

Mr. Quinlan, a product of a hellish vampiric ritual gone wrong, seeks to destroy the Master, the powerful vampire who sired him. After he is forced into hiding in the ancient Roman hillsides, he is ca...

7 Good

Shadow Kiss Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into more detail about Shadow Kiss, the third book in the Vampire Academy Series. Chelsey points out one huge plot hole.

6 Fair

Shadow Kiss Review

Shadow Kiss suffers from middle book syndrome. It does a lot to develop the characters and strengthen the world that they inhabit, but story is put on a hold till the very end. The novel is saved by i...

6 Fair

Vampire’s Kiss

My best friend and I have this weird tradition and I’m not sure either he or I know how it originally started. Our tradition is to load up a queue of Nicolas Cage movies and spent the day watchi...

Fright Night

Fright Night (2011) has faded into the ether, but it really shouldn’t have. This horror-comedy is one thing that will have you laughing over and over again with two stellar actors at the helm. C...

Dracula 2000

Nothing could be more 90’s that Dracula 2000. Nothing. This movie was dated before it even made it to theatres. But guess, what? It gives no fucks. With a cast of actors who have gone on to work...


Alexandra and Chelsey finish their top 15 list of WTF Moments on the Strain. Stay tuned to find out their number one! A WTF moment can be anything, moments that come out of left field, awful effects, ...

American Vampire Vol. 1 Review

American Vampire was a decent origin story but many of the themes that could have pervaded the story weren’t even touched upon. All in the series has potential and we hope that it reaches it.

6.2 Fair

Suffer the Children Review

Suffer the Children is a really creepy concept but falls into the trap of being extremely predictable. It's a short read that might scare you. A little.

5.6 Average
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