Tamora Pierce Month

Daughter of the Lioness Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra take a more spoiler filled look at the Daughter of the Lioness. The last series for their so called Tamora Pierce Month. What a great month am I right? So long.

7 Good

Daughter of the Lioness Review

And so we come to the end of Tamora Pierce Month... it was a long road full of adventure and perils... Alexandra and Chelsey take a look at The Daughter of the Lioness (Tricksters Choice and Tricks...

7 Good

Protector of the Small Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into a more spoiler filled review of Protector of the Small and why exactly Kel didn't stand up to the previous Pierce Heroines.

6.6 Fair

Protector of the Small Review

Keladry serves as a response to Alanna. You would think having a successful knight like the Lioness would open more doors for female heroes in the world of Tortall, but you would be wrong. Though the ...

6.6 Fair

The Immortals Quartet Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey take a more spoiler filled look at Tamora Pierce's Immortals Quartet. Things are getting a little bit magical in the world of Tortall.

7.2 Good

The Immortals Quartet Review

Our second Tamora Pierce review looks at The Immortals. Daine is a young woman who can speak to animals... but with great power comes great responsibility!

7.2 Good

Poor Decisions: Roger of Conte

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!! Chelsey and Alexandra talk in greater detail about the return of Roger of Conte and why it drove them up the wall.

Song of the Lioness Review

The Song of the Lioness boasts a cast of interesting characters, a strong female protagonist and an awesome world. Tamora Pierce redefines the fantasy genre and young adult literature.

8.2 Great

Introduction to Tamora Pierce Month

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about their next series of videos focusing on Tamora Pierce's Tortall novels.

Tamora Pierce Month

READING SCHEDULE (Please read along with us!!) 1. The Lioness Quartet 2. The Immortals 3. Protector of the Small 4. Trickster's Choice MAYBE Terrier

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