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The Giver: A Book Discussion

Sometimes we plan to talk about one thing and end up talking about something COMPLETELY different. Chelsey and Alexandra look back on The Giver and how it changed how they look at books. They also ...

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Movie Reaction

Alexandra found out that Chelsey had never seen Bram Stoker's Dracula directed by Fracis Ford Coppola. So naturally, being the sadistic and evil person that she is, she made Chelsey sit down and watch...

Top Five Favourite Vampires

With Vampire Month drawing to a close, Chelsey and Alexandra take a few minutes to discuss their favourite vampires in fiction and film.

Radiance: A Group Effort at a Teen Best Seller

During our time at Con-G, Death of the Author Reviews ran a Tropes in Teen Fiction panel. After going through the background information and history of the teen fiction trend, our group worked as a te...

Con-G Adventures!

Alexandra and Chelsey talk about their first day at Con-G, the panels they ran, the panels they attended and the panels to come.

It Comes Out Today – Lancelot An Adventure

After lots of blood sweat and tears Death of the Author's newest project: Lancelot An Adventure is FINALLY live.

Lancelot An Adventure: Trailer

Have you ever wanted to journey to Camelot, be your own hero? Now you can escape the modern day world and be Lancelot! Choose your own adventure as you quest for the Holy Grail and rescue Lady Guin...

2014 Teen Movie Adaptations

There are 7 fantastic teen books that are being adapted for the big screen in 2014. Here is a quick preview and our expectations for 2014. Can’t you just feel the theaters calling to your money?...

Upcoming Sequels of 2014

After all that reading in 2013, the best part about the New Year is the arrival of all the sequels we have been patiently waiting for. Here is a list of our most anticipated sequels in 2014!

DOTA Adventures: The Fault in Our Stars

John Green’s new book The Fault in Our Stars is finally out. After promising to sign every single copy of the first edition the pre-orders for the book flew through the roof. Everyone wanted a o...

DOTA Adventures: The Hunger Games

The premiere everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! Chelsey and Alexandra discuss their experience at the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games movie. Chelsey and Alexandra joined a group ...

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