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Day 5: Book You Wish You Could Live In

How much would it suck if Harry Potter were actually real, but you’re just another non-believing, non-seeing muggle? A book that I could live in was far harder than I thought. I’m sure there are have ...

Day 4: A Book That Makes You Cry

When I first tried to read His Dark Materials I could not get myself past the first few chapters. I was bored and confused, and put it down for a year or two.  When I ran out of things to read I final...

Day 3: Books that Make You Laugh Out Loud

One summer my family decided to go up to a cottage and for some reason I did not think to bring up a supply of books. I cannot imagine what I was thinking. Perhaps I assumed there would be a bookstore...

Day 2: Least Favorite Book

This one was particularly difficult for me, as if I really don’t like a book I tend to put it down with the intention of coming back to it. But then I never do. I think the little lie is to keep me fr...

Day 1: Favourite Book

My favourite book of all time. Well, as odd as this is for me to say my favourite book of all time is not a teen book. I think it could be a good one though, if it, you know, didn’t have all the midni...

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