Oh boy, this book. Chelsey and Alexandra try to go into more details about Kraken a fever dream book full of weird magic, a giant squid and strange cults. Also a sentient tattoo Also a man with...

7 Good

The Ballad of Black Tom Spoilers

People move to New York looking for magic and nothing will convince them it isn't there. Charles Thomas Tester hustles to put food on the table, keep the roof over his father's head, from Harlem ...

7.2 Good

Legendary (Caraval #2)

Welcome back to Legendary! Alexandra and Chelsey talk spoilers and soul mates!

7.4 Good

Batman: Nightwalker

Alexandra and Chelsey go into more detail about Marie Lu's Batman: Nightwalker. It gets a little silly.

6.2 Fair

All the Crooked Saints Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into more detail about Maggie Stiefvater's All the Crooked Saints. There is an angry rooster. What more do you want?

7.4 Good

When I Cast Your Shadow Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey talk about Sarah Porter's second novel: When I Cast Your Shadow. Let's get ready for an interesting sibling relationship. *sweats*

7.4 Good

Slayer Spoilers

And vampire month comes to a close with our spoiler review for Slayer. As the second book we've read by Kiersten White... this one was different. Very full?

6.2 Fair

Spirt Bound Spoilers

Find out what happens in this book, as Rose obsesses over changing Dimitri back to being human and doesn't interact with Lissa, like always. We tell you about all the drama and terrible things our Vam...

5.6 Average

‘Salem’s Lot Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into more spoilery details about 'Salem's Lot, Stephen King's second novel and foray into vampire fiction.

7.6 Good

The Book of Dust Spoilers

Eleven-year-old Malcolm Polstead and his dæmon, Asta, live with his parents at the Trout Inn near Oxford. Across the River Thames (which Malcolm navigates often using his beloved canoe, a boat by the ...

7.8 Good

Warcross Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra go into more spoilery detail about Warcross and why they liked it so much.

7.8 Good

The Invasion Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about The Invasion, Peadar Ó Guilín's follow up to The Call. Is it as dark? Yes. Did Alexandra have nightmares? Yup. Did we love it? YES!

7.2 Good

Scream All Night Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey go into more detail about Scream All Night, the weird screwball comedy about horror movies.

7.4 Good

Alone Spoilers

Another trilogy in the bag! Who'd have thought! Chelsey and Alexandra go into more detail about Scott Sigler's Alone. The last book in his Generations Trilogy. Also known as: AZTECS IN SPACE! ...

7.4 Good

The Cruel Prince Spoilers

A new faerie tale from Holly Black! What more could we ask for? Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Cruel Prince, a book full of faeries, backstabbing and some of the most interesting familial relationsh...

8.6 Great
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