The Fault in Our Stars

Alexandra talks about John Green's most recent novel The Fault in Our Stars. She finished the novel and a box of tissues in four hours...

7.8 Good


Holes is also a pretty great film. The adaptation managed to stay very close to the source material and the story translated well to screen. The Holes film was a treat for long time fans and a great i...

7.2 Good

Holes Review

Holes was a fairly successful Disney movie, but how does it compare to the prize winning novel? And more importantly, do they both still hold up? Find out in this Holes review.

6.8 Fair

Holes Spoilers

Holes was a widely successful novel as well as Disney movie, but does the glamor that surrounded these two works still hold up today? Chelsey and Alexandra go into more detail about what they liked an...

6.8 Fair

Beauty Queens Spoilers

Beauty Queens hit on so many levels that teen literature doesn't often hit on. How did it do it and how did it do? Chelsey and Alexandra take a peek in this Beauty Queens review.

8.3 Great

Beauty Queens Review

Beauty Queens is a cross between Lost, The Lord of the Flies and the beauty Pageant Circuit. With Libba Bray's dark sense of humour she pokes fun at contemporary society, the media and beauty standard...

8.4 Great

Beauty Queens aka Lord of the Flies 2.0

Every once in a while you come across a book and you realize that you have been waiting for it your entire life. That was our reaction to Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens. Marketed as a cross between ...

8.6 Great

ttyl Spoilers

TTYL is a book written entirely in chat speak and Chelsey and Alexandra take a good look at it with no holds barred. Check out this TTYL review!

2.2 Awful

ttyl Review

Filled with outdated references and unlikable characters, ttyl is a look inside the mind of three teenage girls. Or is it?

2.2 Awful

The Replacement Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey give a close examination of this promising new faerie novel. Check out this The Replacement review with spoilers.

6.6 Fair

The Replacement

The Replacement had a lot of potential. The atmosphere in this book is wonderfully creepy and uncomfortable. It draws to mind a town where it is always overcast and rainy. Where nothing good ever happ...

7 Good

The Replacement

Chelsey and Alexandra take a look at faerie rampage that is Brenna Yovanoff's The Replacement. Stuff goes down.

6.6 Fair

Burned Spoilers

What you REALLY want to know about Burned by Hopkin but didn't find out in the spoilerless review. Check out the Burned by Ellen Hopkin spoiler review.

2.6 Awful

Burned Review

Chelsey and Alexandra take a peek at Burned by Ellen Hopkins, a book written in poetry and packed with more drama than a high school soap opera.

2.6 Awful

Poison Review

Poison is a dark fantasy novel that refuses to fall for the usual tropes of the genre. Understand that this book is not for the feint of heart and might just keep you up past your bed time.

9.4 Amazing

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