Falling for Hamlet

Hamlet is a story of betrayal, dealing with grief, politics and madness. In the play, Shakespeare is able to hit on many themes and emotions, giving actors much to work with leading to some intense pe...

0.4 Horrendous

Falling for Hamlet Review

Falling for Hamlet tries to answer one question: how can a teenage girl become so obsessed over a guy? Instead of an interesting take on Shakespeare’s play, the novel is a mess of a modernization, wit...

0.6 Horrendous

Falling for Hamlet Spoilers

Alexandra and Chelsey finally get a chance to argue about the tragedy that was Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray. An argumentative review.

0.6 Horrendous

Assassin’s Apprentice

With a title using the word 'assassin' you would think there is very little an author could do to screw up a this book. It turns out, there is. In her first solo review Read looks at The Assassin's Ap...

0.7 Horrendous

ALEXANDRA RANTS: The Inheritance Cycle

Also known as “The-Lord-of-the-Rings-Star-Wars-Belgariad-Doctor-Who-If-It’s-Fantasy-And-Published-It’s-In-Here-Somewhere” Book A long time ago in a galaxy far far away my Littl...

3.4 Bad

Watching Cabin in the Woods

I was one of those Whedon Fangirls who knew about The Cabin in the Woods when it was originally mentioned years ago. I’ve been following the Science Fiction-Fantasy-All round nerdy awesome blog ...

Shambling Towards Hiroshima

So I had to read this book for my Science Fiction Class even though this book is not really science fiction. It does possess science fiction elements in the form of giant lizard creatures (think Godzi...

The Fault in Our Stars Spoilers

Chelsey and Alexandra decide if all the hype around The Fault in Our Stars was worth the effort in this review.

7.6 Good

The Fault in Our Stars Review

The Fault in Our Star is finally out, but Chelsey and Alexandra only have one copy. The book must be worth the constant sniping, or is the hype surrounding the book overblown?

7.6 Good

The Fault in Our Stars

Alexandra talks about John Green's most recent novel The Fault in Our Stars. She finished the novel and a box of tissues in four hours...

7.8 Good


Holes is also a pretty great film. The adaptation managed to stay very close to the source material and the story translated well to screen. The Holes film was a treat for long time fans and a great i...

7.2 Good

Holes Review

Holes was a fairly successful Disney movie, but how does it compare to the prize winning novel? And more importantly, do they both still hold up? Find out in this Holes review.

6.8 Fair

Holes Spoilers

Holes was a widely successful novel as well as Disney movie, but does the glamor that surrounded these two works still hold up today? Chelsey and Alexandra go into more detail about what they liked an...

6.8 Fair

Beauty Queens Spoilers

Beauty Queens hit on so many levels that teen literature doesn't often hit on. How did it do it and how did it do? Chelsey and Alexandra take a peek in this Beauty Queens review.

8.3 Great

Beauty Queens Review

Beauty Queens is a cross between Lost, The Lord of the Flies and the beauty Pageant Circuit. With Libba Bray's dark sense of humour she pokes fun at contemporary society, the media and beauty standard...

8.4 Great
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