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Who can say no to zombies? Chelsey and Alexandra can't! Death of the Author reviews Mira Grant's media obsessed zombie novel Feed.

7.4 Good


Who can say no to zombies? Clearly Chelsey and Alexandra can't. Give a warm welcome back to literary critic super team as they take on Mira Grant's Feed!


Although it presents an interesting premise, Angelology is limited by its awkward grasp of language. Angelolgy would make a half decent movie but is a less then average novel.

4.2 Poor


The tried and true Dan Brown Formula continues to exist. You may fall for a few of the twists but at the end of the day Inferno lacks the depth of his previous works. At least the book is a step up fr...

4 Poor

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

10pm on December the 13, I found myself doubting that I am actually seeing The Hobbit and that for the next three hours I will be experiencing childhood nostalgia. Tolkien is back in theatres. Since t...

The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy‘s catch phrase sums up the entire novel: “A big tale about a small town”. In this novel we are given one event in the prologue: the death of Barry Fairbrother, and the rest of the b...

The Future of Us

If your younger self had the chance to see your Facebook account now, what would they do? Would you look? What would you change? Read takes a look at The Future of Us.

7.6 Good


With a title like 'Legacy' you would expect a book to leave you with something more than anger at rookie mistakes and drab characters. But you'd wrong. Is this really the best that Harlequin Teen has ...

0.4 Horrendous

Cloud Atlas: An Introduction

Cloud Atlas is an all encompassing narrative that asks: What if Souls drifted through life like clouds? Sometimes slow and confusing, Cloud Atlas is one of a kind and definitely worth a read.

9 Amazing

Sisterhood Everlasting

A fond series from your formative years brought back to life by an unexpected sequel? Sounds like a dream come true... or maybe it's your worst nightmare. Read takes a look at Sisterhood Everlasting.

3.5 Bad


I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Bumped because despite some of the overly bubbly slang and its somewhat underdeveloped characters it makes you really think.

6.6 Fair

Let’s Talk About: The Dark Knight Rises Part Two: The Endings

Welcome to Part Two of my Review of The Dark Knight Rises. The original post was getting to be ridiculously long, so instead of having a text wall, I thought it would make sense to split the post into...

Juliet Immortal

An interesting read not without its flaws, Juliet Immortal proves that sometimes outrageous premises do work.

5.4 Average

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side is a twilight rip-off, but why does Read actually find herself liking it? This needs to be examined...

6.2 Fair

Alexandra Talks Prometheus

Even though she said she had no interest in seeing it, Loki takes a look at Ridley Scott’s new scifi adventure: Prometheus! CAUTION THERE ARE SPOILERS. Let’s Talk About Prometheus, The Mov...

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