Wonder Woman: Warbringer Vlog Review

It seems to be a big year for Wonder Woman. First she has a smash hit movie and now she has a kick ass YA novel. Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Wonder Woman Warbringer, the first book in DC's ne...

8.2 Great

King’s Cage Spoiler Review

Alexandra and Chelsey go into a more spoiler filled discussion of King's Cage, the third book in the Red Queen series. Though the book was a step up from the last one it still wasn't great.

4.6 Poor

King’s Cage Vlog Review

Alexandra and Chelsey talk about King's Cage, the third book in the Red Queen Series. Can book three redeem this series in their eyes or will Mare continue to complain?

4.6 Poor

It Devours (Welcome to Night Vale #2) Vlog Review

Alexandra and Chelsey talk about It Devours, the new Night Vale novel. Are you interested (and terrified?) in the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God? Want a deep dive into what they're about? Look...

7.6 Good

Crystal Storm Review

Crystal Storm brings all our heroes and villains together in one spot and sets the stage for the final novel. Will our heroes win in the battle for...

7 Good

Leigh’s Wondy Wins: A Wonder Woman: Warbringer Review

With the rousing success of Wonder Woman the movie, featuring a female super hero by a female director, you have to wonder if the YA version of her origin story would measure up. I have never trusted ...

7.8 Good

A Court of Mist and Fury Review

  Warning this review contains big spoilers for A Court of Thorns and Roses, the first book in the series, and minor spoilers for A Court of Mist and Fury. You have been warned!   So, now th...

9.1 Amazing
7.6 Good

Feversong Spoilers

It's the end of an arc! Will our characters manage to defeat the Sinsar Dubh? Will they close the black holes? Will Dani finally choose between Dancer and Riodan? Chelsey and Alexandra go into spoi...

6.2 Fair

A Court of Thorns and Roses

When Alexandra described Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses to me as Beauty and the Beast with fae courts, the premise hooked me. As if retelling the story that inspired one of my favorite Dis...

8.4 Great

The Diabolic Spoilers Review

Alexandra and Chelsey go into more detail about The Diabolic. A science fiction novel that blew their socks off. Literally. They need new socks.

7.6 Good

Of Fire and Stars Spoilers Review

Billed as a fantasy romance featuring lesbian princesses. We have been so excited for an LGBTQ fantasy, but the big question is whether it will live up to our expectations. It has politics, romance, m...

3.4 Bad

All Romance No Fantasy: Of Fire and Stars

A Princess in a political marriage to a Prince falls in love with someone else, except that that someone else is the Prince’s sister. Lesbian princesses are a novelty in the teen fiction world, ...

4.4 Poor

Feversong Vlog Review

Both Chelsey and Alexandra were waiting for this book for what felt like forever. The cliffhanger the last book left them off with....

6.2 Fair

Becoming Darkness

Becoming Darkness takes place in an alternate timeline where the Nazi’s won World War Two. Their victory was fully dependent on them releasing a plague which quickly went out of hand. The majori...

5 Average
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