Death of the Author Reviews

Red Queen Review

Alexandra and Chelsey talk about Red Queen, a book that takes YA cliches and wrecks them in glorious glorious ways.

6.6 Fair

The Fever Series #1-7 Review

Alexandra makes Chelsey read her biggest guilty pleasure: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. This review covers the first seven books in the series and only contains mild spoilers (we give some o...

7 Good

The Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet was worth the long wait, dropping the reader right back into the story where they were left off. If you've enjoyed the series so far than this book will not let you down.

8.2 Great

Consumed Vlog

Consumed is a novel that is not for everyone. It's a weird little book that doesn't go anywhere near where you thought it would.

7 Good

The Brothers Cabal: Book Swap

It's EPIC BOOK SWAP TIME! Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Alexandra's pick: The Brothers Cabal by Jonathan L. Howard.

8 Great
4.2 Poor

Gathering Darkness Review

The Falling Kingdoms Series is back with all the backstabbing and kissing that you’ve come to love! Morgan Rhodes continues to take us for a ride as we sit and wonder who will save the Kingdoms?

7 Good

The Wayward Tide/Passage Home [Book Swap #1]

Part One of the epic book swap! Chelsey gives Alexandra her favourite book The Wayward Tide (also called Passage Home) by Alison McLeay.

8.6 Great

Falling Kingdoms Review

Welcome to the world of Mytica where everyone is attractive and horrible things happen.

6.8 Fair

Winterspell Review

It's the holiday season and Chelsey and Alexandra are looking for a holiday themed book. When Chelsey finds Winterspell, a book inspired by the nutcracker Alexandra is sceptical... but is she over rea...

6.4 Fair

The Darkest Part of the Forest Review

Holly Black once again proves that she is a top storyteller as she drops hints and keeps you flipping pages. The occasional character could use more depth, but overall they’re unique wonderful beings....

9 Amazing
10 Perfect

The Young Elites Review

This book was darker than anticipated and that is one of its greatest strengths, as the heroine’s dark heart sets her, and the story, apart. There are elements that need work, but there is more than e...

6 Fair

The Raven Boys & Dream Thieves Spoilers Review

This dynamite little series is fantastic. The writing is dreamlike and gorgeous, the characters are phenomenal and memorable, and will probably be a modern classic. Here are all the things we love abo...

8 Great

The Raven Boys & Dream Thieves Review

The Raven Cycle is one of our favorite series this year. Getting emotionally invested in the characters, the romance (or not-romance as we've dubbed it), and the quest it was impossible to do anything...

8 Great

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