Death of the Author Reviews

2.2 Awful

The Hunger: A Movie Review

John (David Bowie) is the lover of the gorgeous immortal vampire Miriam (Catherine Deneuve), and he's been led to believe that he'll live forever, too. Unfortunately, he quickly deteriorates into a ho...

Caraval Review

Caraval was billed as being similar to The Night Circus, a book that both Chelsey and Alexandra weren't all that fond of... but they picked it up anyways. And you know what... they really liked it....

7.8 Good

Becoming Darkness Review

Becoming Darkness is an interesting premise that gets bogged down by a story that tries to do too much at once. The twists and turns will keep you interested but it might not be enough for some.

5.6 Average

Mister Quinlan Issues #1-4 Review

Mr. Quinlan, a product of a hellish vampiric ritual gone wrong, seeks to destroy the Master, the powerful vampire who sired him. After he is forced into hiding in the ancient Roman hillsides, he is ca...

7 Good

The Fall of House Cabal Book Swap

This year’s epic book swap ends with Alexandra giving Chelsey The Fall of the House Cabal by Jonathan L. Howard. The (supposed) last book in the Johannes Cabal series. With a title like thisR...

Shadow Kiss Review

Shadow Kiss suffers from middle book syndrome. It does a lot to develop the characters and strengthen the world that they inhabit, but story is put on a hold till the very end. The novel is saved by i...

6 Fair

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett.

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

It's not hard to relate to Hawthorn's isolation, humor and obsession with Lizzie Lovett's disappearance. The book is strange, unforgettable and unpredictable as it reminds you of exactly what it's lik...

7.4 Good

Of Fire and Stars Vlog Review

It has politics, romance, murder, horses... but does it have substance? Of Fire and Stars has all the pieces it needs to be an excellent novel. As Audrey Coulhurst's debut novel we have no idea what t...

3.4 Bad

Evil Librarian Review

Evil Librarian sounds so cheesy - and it is - but it's also extremely enjoyable. Sweeney Todd, demons, awkward crushes and more all come together perfectly in one funny and surprisingly relatable pack...

6.2 Fair

The Forgetting Spoilers Review

The Forgetting mashes up many different properties. The romance is a little insta-lovey and the main characters forgets to speak a lot. The villains also mustache twirl a lot. But what's up with the w...

5.2 Average

The Forgetting Vlog Review

Divergent meets The Giver meets Alive... with a healthy dose of The Purge. This odd little sci-fi dystopia is a book that will capture some people's interest over others. It focuses on solving the mys...

5.2 Average

Rebel Genius Review

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Rebel Genius, a novel by Michael Dante DiMartino, one of the co-creators of Avatar the Last Airbender. Does the novel live up to it's hype?

2.2 Awful
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