Death of the Author Reviews

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children follows Jacob as he uncovers a huge family secret. The story is told in both text and photos.

6.6 Fair

ttfn Review

Batman as a coping mechanism? Yeah this second book about the winsome threesome IS that bad. Welcome back to the Internet Girls. Chelsey and Alexandra discuss ttfn a novel full of over dramatic prota...

2.6 Awful

iDrakula Review

What would happen if Dracula, the most famous novel of all took place in the 21st century? iDrakula attempts to answer this question. Meet Mina and Johnathan Harker, two cellphone toting teens. What h...

4 Poor

Vampire Academy Movie Blog

We finally get the chance to talk about the recent Vampire Academy movie and why it just didn’t live up to our high expectations. Coincidentally we also saw the LEGO movie the same day, so we di...

Cotton Candy Rollercoaster | Vampire Academy Review

Vampire Academy offers two strong female characters that you can't help but root for. It balances the girl drama, the school drama and the plot, never letting the reader get bored. It's cotton candy, ...

6.6 Fair

The Night Circus Review

The Night Circus has some of the most beautiful imagery that we have come across in a long time. It sets up this beautiful playground but fails to deliver characters to populate it.

6.4 Fair

The Disaster Artist Vlog

The Disaster Artist goes from being laugh out loud funny to uncomfortably creepy. If you're a fan of The Room or even bad movies in general, then this is the book for you.

8.3 Great

Parasite Review

Mira Grant's new sci-fi thriller Parasite had an interesting premise. I mean, parasites that can cure your hangover? Awesome! Naturally we had to see if Grant could keep up the amazing writing from th...

4.4 Poor

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Review

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown uniquely combined genres. The characters were memorable, and the pacing was excellent.

8.4 Great

Graceling Review

Graceling is a decent fantasy novel. Despite its faults Kristin Cashore shows to be a promising author and one worth watching.

6.6 Fair

Project Cain Review

How often do you come across serial killers in teen fiction? Not often, which is why Chelsey and Alexandra jumped at the chance to review Project Cain, and its companion Cain's Blood. Government consp...

2 Awful

Smoke Review

Pattyn’s father is dead. Now she’s on the run in this riveting companion to New York Times bestseller Burned, which Kirkus Reviews calls “a strong, painful, and tender piece about wresting hope from t...

2.4 Awful

Feed Review

Who can say no to zombies? Chelsey and Alexandra can't! Death of the Author reviews Mira Grant's media obsessed zombie novel Feed.

7.4 Good

Falling for Hamlet Review

Falling for Hamlet tries to answer one question: how can a teenage girl become so obsessed over a guy? Instead of an interesting take on Shakespeare’s play, the novel is a mess of a modernization, wit...

0.6 Horrendous

The Fault in Our Stars Review

The Fault in Our Star is finally out, but Chelsey and Alexandra only have one copy. The book must be worth the constant sniping, or is the hype surrounding the book overblown?

7.6 Good

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