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Goodbye Stranger

The synopsis of Goodbye Stranger doesn't do the book justice. It's thoughtful and sweet, keeping its major theme of change in sight without getting overly dramatic.

Finding Audrey

This a good book if you want to talk about mental illness, not good if you want a romance novel. Audrey isn't the most fascinating main character, but its a good starting place for a dialogue about me...


Alive tells its story so well that I am worried that sequel will never measure up to it. Everything from the pacing to the plot makes this Lord of the Flies turned dystopian fiction a must-read.

9.4 Amazing

Shadow Scale (and Seraphina) by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale and Seraphina are a smart must-read for anyone who love medieval fantasy, strong heroines, or dragons.

Tear You Apart

This is a fun read that avoids a lot of cliches.

Wayward Tide/ Passage Home

The Wayward Tide is a modern victorian epic following Rachel as she crosses continents and lives out her life. Never a dull moment this novel is full of adventure, romance and just plain interesting p...

Blue Lily, Lily Blue

There is nothing not love about these books. Characters, plot, writing style, symbolism, humor. You name it you got. The challenge is waiting for the last one.

9.2 Amazing


Chelsey talks about Scott Westerfeld's newest book Afterworlds. A YA book about writing YA books. Very meta, but still very fun


We waited years for Clariel to come out. Years. So many years we forgot that we were waiting. Getting our hands on a copy of this book felt impossibly good.

The Enchanter’s Heir

Great if you've read the rest of the series and are looking for more. Not a great introduction to the series.


Chelsey talks about Rainbow Rowell's coming of age novel Fangirl. A book that served as a blast of university nostalgia. Right in the face.

Parasites and Zombies? Oh My.

We have faith in Mira Grant, where Parasite is mostly exposition, we hope the next book in the series redeems this book. Watch the review to find out why.

Grave Mercy

Grave Mercy was a surprise. It didn't fall into the traps and stereotypes I was afraid it would. The rest of the series shows promise.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown uniquely combined genres. The characters were memorable, and the pacing was excellent.

Project Cain / Cain’s Blood

An interesting premise to release two books one for teens and one for adults. Yet does Project Cain deliver on it's promise?

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