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Chelsey talks The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever (TGZME) is a story about three friends who decide that they want to make... can you guess... the greatest zombie movie ever. I bet you could never have called that on...

Glass Sword

So what happens in Glass Sword? Mare, Cal and the Red Guard escape Maven's army after the Battle of Bones, but when they get to the Red Guard's island base Mare butts heads with the new command.

Life and Death

Confession time. I haven’t managed to make myself read the last 25% of Life and Death. I fully intend to one day when I am bored as hell and trapped on a subway with nothing else loaded on my iP...

Die Hard Meets A Beautiful Mind: The Masked Truth

I was looking for a bit of a change of pace when I picked up the new Kelley Armstrong book. And you don’t get too much farther than the usual teen fiction plots that the Masked Truth. Seriously,...

4.6 Poor

Anna and the Swallow Man

Anna and the Swallow Man has beautiful language that evokes a fairy tale. There is a lot to unpack in this very simple novel, and it's sure to become an instant classic.

Trial by Fire

Chelsey talks about Trial by Fire, a novel where witches burn scientists and your own worsy enemy is yourself. Sounds like a good time. Right?


This book was everywhere at BEA. and I mean EVERYWHERE. Usually we had to fight people tooth and limb for a soft cover ARC that didn't even have cover art yet, but there was this big, flashy hardcover...

Everything, Everything

Everything Everything is a cheerful and uplifting read, though sometimes forcefully so. Anyone who loves TFIOS and other medi-dramas will really enjoy this novel.

Another Day

Rhiannon trying to understand A’s perspective is like trying to describe a colour to someone who has never seen it before. This means that as her brain and yours try to comprehend A's nature, you can ...

Goodbye Stranger

The synopsis of Goodbye Stranger doesn't do the book justice. It's thoughtful and sweet, keeping its major theme of change in sight without getting overly dramatic.

Finding Audrey

This a good book if you want to talk about mental illness, not good if you want a romance novel. Audrey isn't the most fascinating main character, but its a good starting place for a dialogue about me...


Alive tells its story so well that I am worried that sequel will never measure up to it. Everything from the pacing to the plot makes this Lord of the Flies turned dystopian fiction a must-read.

9.4 Amazing

Shadow Scale (and Seraphina) by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale and Seraphina are a smart must-read for anyone who love medieval fantasy, strong heroines, or dragons.

Tear You Apart

This is a fun read that avoids a lot of cliches.

Wayward Tide/ Passage Home

The Wayward Tide is a modern victorian epic following Rachel as she crosses continents and lives out her life. Never a dull moment this novel is full of adventure, romance and just plain interesting p...

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