Wonder Woman Cover Reveal

Of course it’s the month that I find myself avoiding the internet that the cover for Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman novel drops… and damn it’s beautiful.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer is the first book in a series of super hero novels made in partnership between DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers and Random House. The series will consist of four books, each following a different DC hero.

I’m not normally a fan of faces on book covers, but I think it really works here. When book covers have a person on them it tends to conflict with how I imagine them in my head. Sometimes the character described in the book is described as being nothing like the person on the cover. But, Wonder Woman is a character with an established appearance so this isn’t an issue. Anyway, the focus of the cover is the Wonder Woman logo, which looks similar to (but not exactly like) the movie logo.

The release date for Wonder Woman Warbringer is in August 2017, just a month after the film. This book will either serve as a way to keep the excited buzz going (if the movie is awesome). Or Warbringer will be something to restore my faith in super heroes.

I trust Leigh Bardugo, I’ve been working my way through her Grisha Trilogy this past month and have been really enjoying it. Leigh Bardugo is a great fit for telling a Wonder Woman story. It will be exciting to see what Bardugo does with the character.

The fact that they gave Batman to Marie Lu, also has me really excited (and slightly terrified). I’ve seen how dark she can go with her Young Elites trilogy, I wonder if she’ll do the same with Bats. She wouldn’t be the first. He is the Dark Knight after all.

Are you excited for Wonder Woman: Warbringer? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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