Two New Crimson Peak Trailers

Yesterday Fox dropped a trailer for Lucifer, today we get two new trailers from Crimson Peak. Meaning it’s time for another trailer break down.


The Break Down:

It’s a little harder to see in the picture, but there are shadowy hands reaching across the wall. It reminded me a lot of Nosferatu.

So we see a little girl who looks like a younger Edith, in what looks like our haunted house. She’s cowering as a creepy hand rests on her. The hand looks similar to piano player in the first trailer…

I’m going to focus a lot on the beginning of the trailer and colour. Here we see Edith looking at old photos with her friend (or brother?). I like how the colour scheme is a warm honey colour that’s mirrored in her dress. It’s in direct conflict with the dark colours of the house later in the trailer. She’s safe here. Also worth noting how while she’s looking at the projected picture, he’s looking at her.

Sir Thomas Sharpe (Hiddleston) has entered the safe space. He’s dressed completely in black. Interesting. Foreshadow?

They’re hugging. But he’s hiding something. Not a good sign.

So here we have the house. It appears that blood is weeping through the snow. I wonder if this is something to do with the title: Crimson Peak. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeously morbid.

Our mysterious piano player is back. It’s hard to tell in the picture but she’s leaking black smoke. Unlike our previous shot of her, the camera briefly tracks up her body but we cut away before we see her face. The suspension is killing me.

In Conclusion:

This trailer offered a few more scraps about our characters. We now know that Edith believes in ghosts before she arrives at the mansion. We know that she writes ghost stories and we know that she’s going to take a more active role in trying to find out the secrets of the house. I get the feeling that she’s going to start trying to help the ghosts in the house.

You don’t directly see the ghosts in this trailer. There are brief glimpses, like the hand mostly of hands (I wonder if this is significant), or the smoking piano player but never do we get a full frontal shot. Though I really do want to have a good look at the films big bad, saving the monster harkens back to what made gothic horrors so effective. The less I know, the worse my imagination can do to destroy me. So well played.

The other thing I noticed about this trailer is that it paints Tom Hiddleston’s character is a more relatable light. We get to see more of him, we see a few more interactions between Thomas and Edith… but I still don’t trust him. He clearly has secrets. Focusing more on Hiddleston could be a marketing choice though, he is a current favourite with the internet. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

So overall, this trailer did answer a few of my questions, but it left me with even more questions than before…. Great.


The Break Down:

The cinematography is gorgeous. I just love how the house looks. This trailer opens up making use of silence. A good creepy opening.

I think this is their wedding. Moments later she blows out the candle. Foreshadow! Also to be noted there is a lot less of Edith, Thomas interaction in this trailer making Thomas seem more removed and creepy. The international trailer made him seem more approachable.

“A link exists between your heart and mine” – cute but creepy.

Thomas’s sister doesn’t think Edith is the right choice while Thomas tells her to trust him. It doesn’t sound like sisterly concern over a choice of bride. Could the singling out Edith have been some form of calculated move? Also I love how they’re silhouetted against the honey coloured rest of the world.

Is that red water or is that blood? Seriously that would be my first sign TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE HOUSE!

So we have a room of vats in the basement that we’re not supposed to go into. That’s fun.

Thomas’s voice over claims that old houses are living things and after time will hold onto things that should be dead…. as we see a ghostly form sitting in a rocking chair. This seems like such a fun place to live.

The Sister tells Edith that she shouldn’t have keys and that some of the house is considered unsafe. The sister is the keeper of the keys. But I chose this shot because it shows the similarities between the creepy handed ghost and the sister’s dress.


Why is this ghost-thingy red while the other was black? Is that a colour coded thing? But still. WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE IN THIS HALLWAY OF HORRORS RUN!

The horrors continue as we get a peek into one of the wells. It looks like they hold bodies. Is this going to be some kind of Lazarus Pit thing? Is Thomas immortal?

This is the first time I’ve seen the sister in clothing that isn’t black and with her hair down. Is this her dressing ground or is this some form of ritual? I don’t know which I would prefer….


It appears our creepy red ghost has some hair. Edith gazes up at it. Seriously this girl must have steel running through her veins to just stand there and look on.

“This is your home now” Edith looks terrified. I would be terrified.

In Conclusion

The theatrical trailer was longer than the international trailer and offered a lot more incite into the plot of the film. There were a few good shots of the ghosts haunting the house and a few hints to why. Thomas Sharpe comes off as being a lot more foreboding in this trailer than he did in the international one while his sister comes off as positively creepy.

Both of the trailers grabbed my attention with their use of colour and sound. I can’t believe that I have to wait till October when the film will finally be released.

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